One more thing…

Since we have already started with the whole “one little thing before we get started” thing, here is another thing I am super-excited about at the moment:

The new Dune movie looks rather good.

It has been a very long time since I have been very excited about a new movie coming out – but I am really, really looking forward to this!


Before I begin #1


I know this should be where I put my first post where I talk about all the grand things I am setting out to accomplish with this blog. (You know, how it is going to change the world and everything…)

We’ll get to that… But first I have to share this:

These lyrics really haunt me:

Yeah, I'm one spoon away
From setting the ends of my hair on fire
If I'm kindling for a little while
At least I'd feel of use

Maybe then my breath could embody
A wildfire starting
I'd sweep up the forest floor
And my body'd breathe life into the corners
Be a darker soil