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“The last fearful monkey shivered, all alone in the cold dark. A moment passed, and then another. After what felt like an age, he stood up. He had been cowering for so long his muscles ached as he stretched out his body. The shivering subsided and he realised that his body glistened under a thin film of perspiration, as if he had had a fever for all these years.

The last fearful monkey took a first doubtful step, stumbled slightly and righted himself against the wall of the cave. It seemed so much smaller than before, its walls so much harder and unwelcoming. He took a second step, and then a third, and so the last fearful monkey stepped from the darkness to the light never to be seen again.”

Welcome to FearfulMonkey.com!

Thank you very much for stopping by. I hope you find something that interests you here.

Who is The Last Fearful Monkey?

The Last Fearful Monkey is a character I once came up with while I was in my second year of university. All I have ever been able to write for, or about the character is the paragraph at the top of this page. Over the years I have imagined him in a spy drama, or some kind of Arthur C. Clarke space saga. The monolith scenes from Stanley Kubrick’s landmark movie must have left an impression on my developing mind when I first saw it.

More than that, I suppose I am The Last Fearful Monkey – a scared human being who has failed to make the most of his life and desperately needs to embrace the light.

A Journey

More than anything else FearfulMonkey.com is a journey. At its starting point (which is the 9th of January 2016) is this guy:

20160109 182 kg plus 7

Weighing in at just over 182kg (401 lbs) and with about $30,000 in debt (bear in mind I live in the 3rd world, so that is a significant slice of cheese) I am in considerably bad shape.

Making matters worse, I am not at all sure what I want to do with myself. What I do know, however, is that I do not wish to stay like this. I also know that unless I do something about the situation it will just continue to get progressively worse.

What to expect from this blog

I am quite new to this blogging business. I have dabbled a little with book and movie reviews in the past, but haven’t really developed a style.

So in the beginning I would like to update the content here at least on a weekly schedule. Thing that you could expect to see are goal and status updates, book and audio book reviews and experiences I have had along the way.

I would also like to link to any interesting people, blogs or articles I find that I find inspiring or otherwise useful.

But ultimately, hopefully it can develop into a resource, an example and a monument of the triumph of light over dark. And if it helps anyone else along their journey, the happier I will be for it.

Thank you very much for joining me here at FearfulMonkey.com!

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